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The Albury Day Surgery assesses the risk for patients in regards to Delirium, Pressure Injuries and falls. Each patient is screened on an individual basis to assess their risk. Where appropriate a Patient Care plan may be initiated by clinical staff to assist in providing the best possible care of the patient. 

Delirium is a sudden disturbance in the ability to think clearly and pay attention. It is common among older people at the time of a hospital admission or can develop during a hospital stay. Delirium is a serious condition and requires urgent medical attention.

Common symptoms of delirium include a sudden onset of confusion and an inability to focus attention. People with delirium may be either very agitated or quiet and drowsy.

Albury Day Surgery has procedures in place for the early screening and assessment of delirium, and interventions in place to prevent and treat the causes of delirium.

A comprehensive assessment and individualised care plan ensures a patient with delirium receives emotional support and care that reduces the risk of falls and pressure injuries and minimises the use of antipsychotic medications.

Family and carers are encouraged to be involved in the planning of care and will be provided with information about delirium.

A detailed discharge plan will be provided to the patient and their general practitioner in the event of an episode of delirium.

Falls Risk 
The Falls risk screening will be completed for patients over 65 or those deemed at risk. The Morse Fall technique is used as part of our admission process. 

Pressure Injury 
The Pressure injury screening is used for all patients being admitted for care. The Braden Tool is used to determine a patients risk for a Pressure Injury.