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You should always contact your health fund directly prior to your admission to ensure that you are covered for the planned procedure and find out what, if any, out of pocket costs you will be expected to pay (most members will have an excess with their health fund).

Please read our Informed Financial Consent page for more detail.

Contracted Health Funds

We have in place agreements with all major health funds to cover the cost of your procedure.
If you are unsure whether your health fund is contracted with us, please contact us. or phone 02 6041 1511 

Please Note:
If your health fund is non-contracted a fee will apply on top of any excess or co-payment.

The Australian Private Hospitals Association has created a new brochure for patients encouraging them to check their health fund cover before admission. Recent media reports have highlighted cases where health funds have not covered patients, especially those needing plastic surgery.

You can access the brochure here.