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The Albury Day Surgery is committed to partnering with consumers to ensure that the services we provide are patient centered and meet the needs of our patients, carers and other consumers.

There are 4 key attributes of patient centered care:

Albury Day Surgery encourages patients to be involved in decisions about their care. Understanding your condition and asking questions will help you make important decisions about your care. There is evidence that the patient centered approach to care leads to a reduction in anxiety, better health outcomes and quicker recovery, which is why we encourage you to work with us.

Here’s how you can assist:

Handover & Patient Identification
Clinical handover occurs when professional responsibility and accountability for your care is transferred to another person on a temporary or permanent basis. At this time staff will stop what they are doing and confirm your identification, procedure, allergies and confirm details of the procedure.
You will notice throughout your stay staff will be asking you your name, date of birth and confirming your details on a constant basis. This is part of our process for ensuring we have the right patient and the right procedure. 

Patient Feedback
Patients are encouraged to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey. The surveys are reviewed and discussed at all management and staff meetings.